I coach high-aspiration people

and help them create the business and life they want.


The Earnest Entrepreneur

François started his own marketing- communications agency six years ago. Clients loved him and his business grew rapidly. Here’s the rub. He hadn’t taken a vacation in six years. He knew something had to give. But what? Read more »


The VP Mom

During the past five years, Adriana married, gave birth, got promoted to junior partner at her law firm and conceived baby #2. This ambitious super-mom felt torn between becoming a full partner at the firm and being a full partner at home. Could she have both? If so, how? Read more »


The Forward Thinking HR Director

For three years running, Terrie’s company made Canada’s Top 100 Employers. That’s because they place a high value on creating learning opportunities for employees at every level. Terrie’s strategy for the upcoming year is to keep the learning focus AND the small company feel in a growing medium-sized business. But how? Read more »

As a certified coach, I helped François, Adriana and Terrie’s managers create the business/ life they were after. I can help you too.