I started my life in the “Land of Anne”, having grown up in PEI, the island of Green Gables and strawberry socials. After a 20+ years “away”, I moved from the island of the 5 à 7 (Montreal) to return to my island to raise my own family here.

Like yours, my life’s more than a tale of two cities (or two islands in my case). To pass on the details of my journey from there to here, have a look at my LinkedIn profile. If you are still reading, I will fill you in on the full circle:

  • London, England (1991) – I learned to like beer, to live with nine Canadians in a very nice townhouse in now trendy Islington and to do mindless clerical work at Barclays Bank.
  • At least 15 other countries and then Chaco, Argentina (1993) – I love Argentina but Chaco is the armpit. I was lonely and underemployed in my teaching English role. I lived with a capybara and not by choice. I didn’t dance tango (that came later). I found out recently that I worried my mother by going in the first place. The upside is that I now speak passable Spanish, which has served me well.
  • Guelph, Ontario (1993-95) – I studied adult education and wrote a thesis about the importance of locally grown food. Before my Guelph time, I’d developed a general dislike for “arrogant, young, BMW-driving couples with Ontario plates” while working summers in the PEI National Park. Today, some of my closest friends are Ontarians.
  • Toronto, Ontario (1995-2006) – I was so surprised by Ontario that I stayed and bought a cottage-like house on the real DeGrassi Street! I was an award-winning sales person for a marketing agency and later directed the sales team. After doing a lot of consultative sales, I got tired. I finally learned tango, figured out a way to transfer my work to Montreal (on a flight back from Buenos Aires after two weeks of tango).
  • LisaMontreal, Quebec (2006-2014) – This chapter brought me to finding coaching as my calling, to entrepreneurialism and to the greatest joy in my life—the birth of my daughter in 2011.  Living and working in Quebec was on my bucket list and it was a fantastic choice.
  • Charlottetown, PEI (2014)-this chapter is being written everyday.

When I am at my best, I approach my business and life as experiments in the test kitchen of life. My professional path is best described on my Linkedin profile.

ICFCTIMany years in planning, project management, marketing, sales and sales management helped me find my way to coaching. I trained with The Coach Training Institute and received my certification from The International Coach Federation. I am currently certified as a Professional Certified Coach (PCC).

These days, I care most about coaching high-aspiration biz owners and professionals to create the businesses and lives they want, my friends and family, and the new things that are growing in our backyard.

So, that’s me. Now, what are you all about?