I couldn’t do what I do without lots of help and support from family, friends, connectors, mentors and advisors. So a short word about “we”.


I have a very loving and supportive family in the Maritimes. Only my sister-in-law to be writes a blog that I can link to.


Tanya Geisler, my close friend and fellow coach, supports me in many ways and makes the best salads around. We partnered on Coach Buffet. Claire McKenna and I dance tango (though not with each other) and she helps me with my online marketing strategy. Everything she cooks is divine. Michele LeBlanc is such a great coach and trainer that she can live “off the online grid”, therefore, no link. Michele is not a cook and I like her a lot anyway. James Turner helps me with IT annoyances in exchange for dinners. Milla Craig, a fellow islander, brings me soup sometimes. My list could become very long if I started including my cherished Jelly Bean Book Club (Kathy Fazel, Jennifer Gold, etc.).


I’ve always believed connectors make the world go round. These are the people who have lots of friends and acquaintances. And more importantly, are happy to share who they know. Anita Nowak is a natural connector. She introduced me to Milla and James, who introduced me to Deb. Through these connections, I’ve met close to 50 new friends, colleagues and clients in Montreal and beyond in under two years. Amy Arnold is also an excellent marketer and a generous connector too. I know this because she keeps sending me amazing clients.

Mentors and Advisors

Angelo Pesce has been a steady guiding force for more than a decade. It was he who told me years ago, “Lisa, you aren’t going to be happy until you are your own boss.” Wise guy (truly). I hired Deb Hinton to help me develop an initial communication strategy for Chandler Coaches and she has been a key contributor ever since. Denise Desmeules is a sought-after trainer and coach who has been a great business advisor over coffee.


And of course, my own coaching network plays an important part in my professional and personal development. Thanks to my training with The Coach Training Institute, Coach Buffet and participation in The International Coach Federation and Federation Internationale des coachs du Québec, I have a strong and growing network of amazing coach support. I’d like to work with you if we’re a good match. And if we’re not, I’d be glad to be a connector for you.